Recording your swing at the range

As you may know, recording your golf swing is highly addictive and can encourage any poor range session. If you don’t do it, I would highly recommend that you start. Without a recording device, I can be bored and unmotivated within 20-30 mins. With a recording device, I could easily be there all day.

Here are a few swings that I have logged. I’m trying to prevent a drop in my swing that allows me to attack the ball with a more neutral angle of attack. My ‘normal’ swing can be so far inside, that I either flip the hands over to attempt to recover – on a good day this works. Or, when playing a Tournament I can lack confidence and I do not commit – the big block appears! When I say block – I mean wayyyyyy right!…It’s truly devastating.

A few slow-motion swings that wouldn’t look out of place in a Blockbuster HAHA!

The swing below is from my recent Perth World Super6 Pro-Am Experience at Lake Karrinyup. By far one of the best golf days thus far. I was partnered with a Tour Pro that replaced Tiger in the Oakmont US Open. This is the 18th approach with wedge in hand. (Instagram)

This one was taken at my home club – The Vines GC in Western Australia. 18th tee again, Driver in hand and looking to carry the corner. On this occasion, I did. (Instagram)

This one was the early stages in the ‘drop it like its hot’ issue. At the top, you can clearly see a loss in height and me consequently getting the club stuck behind (YouTube)


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