Golf Short Game Drills – That aren’t boring!

This is an issue very close to my heart. As I find short game practice so boring and will do anything I can to make it more interesting.

I go and play, maybe hitting Driver and Irons reasonably, to always get let down by my short game. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “if only you could putt” or “you’d be dangerous with a short game”, I’d be a few dollars behind Mr Bill Gates.

The worst thing of all is that get very angry at my seldom short game. I mean, why?, I don’t practice, so how can I get angry?! (I’m sure most people can relate to this). Instead of moaning about this any longer, like a giant sook!, I decided to take action. I managed to find the best short game drills and games that kept my Goldfish-like attention span interested for more than an hour.


I’m going to start this with one of my favourites, as this has helped me kill a few minutes before a tee time and a few hours after work. It has become my default drill.


  • A drill created by Mind Coach, Karl Morris (Cheers Karl) –  This game includes three very easy steps.  WARNING: Be prepared to lose a few hours – please apologise to your partner in advance
  1. From around the green, you’re going to pick 9 locations to play from, 3 easy, 3 medium and 3 hard.
  2. Each mini hole is a PAR 2 and by playing 9 holes you make a total of a PAR 18.
  3. Play all 9 holes and keep your score – making 18 your target score.

Website –


  •  This one is fun, yet frustrating. Created by some bloke called Jordan Speith (Never heard of him). It’s called the ‘GATE CRASHER’ for a reason and is ‘aimed’ to improve accuracy – pun intended. 
  1. Find a straight putt uphill of about 8-10ft and place two markers in the middle of you and the hole – setting them just wide enough for the ball to go through.
  2. The goal is for the ball to roll through the ‘gate’ tees and also into the hole at the end.
  3. Score yourself half a point for getting through the gates, and a full point if it also goes in the hole.

“I like to play this one at the start of my putting warm-up to dial in my accuracy before I go on the course. To be good at this game, you have to steady your body and make solid strokes. It’s perfect pre-round practice”– Jordan Speith for Golf Digest

Website –




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