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“Life is too short to be serious all the time. So, if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me…I’ll laugh at you!”

Who is Alex Etches?

Whether you have found this page because I owe you a dozen golf balls from 1999, or from my YouTube Channel, I just want to say Welcome #TEAMAL!

I’m a pretty standard chap who was born in Nottingham, United Kingdom in 1990 and have ever since held a golf club in my hand. Well, not really, but I started playing Golf at a young age and represented my State from the age of 14. From then, I decided to get my handicap as low as possible and concentrate on turning professional.

At the age of 22, I started my PGA apprenticeship at GolfSupport in Nottingham and had an instant passion for Teaching and Custom Fitting. One day I decided to record my Golf Swing and put it on YouTube and that’s literally how my YouTube career started. (No Hollywood plot here – sorry). As YouTube Golf was very young at the time, many of the Golf Channels you see today didn’t exist back then. There were no drones, B-roll and probably no cameras so the videos back then were…erm…different!


In 2013, My parents decided to emigrate to Perth, Western Australia after never even visiting the place. Which, as crazy as it sounds, would end up being the best thing for them and myself. After my debut holiday in WA, I came back to the UK feeling like Alex was still in Australia and I could not shake this feeling off. I managed to work through this for a few years until my next holiday in Perth in 2015. I landed and ‘Alex was waiting for me at the airport’. I instantly felt myself again and got straight onto trying to find a place to work and live out here.

A few years later, I was sponsored by GolfBox and emigrated down under, and for anyone that’s never been in this position, It’s literally starting your life again and it turned out to be the best gamble I’ve ever made.

At GolfBox, I started my third YouTube Channel and it quickly became more than just a ‘side hobby’ with it becoming my full-time job. The attractive part to this ‘job’ (if that’s what you can call it) was the Content creation aspect and it’s what keeps me motivated to this day. Every video starts with a blank canvas – allowing me to throw many crazy ideas into a story and combining that with a very unique reviewing style.

Get to know alex etches

Born: Nottingham, UK

Net Worth: $5 Dollars

Height: 6ft 4 / 193cm

Turned Professional: 2012


Adidas Golf
After being a huge fan of Adidas throughout my life, I was honoured to be invited to become part of #TeamAdidas and become an Ambassador for the brand.

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