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Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver Review

After the “G” rocked us with it’s presence, it was now time for the more stable, Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver. The ST-Z 220 is the high-MOI head within the ST 220 range and provides greater stability for golfers that require a little more forgiveness from the tee. FULL VIDEO BELOW In the review, despite my… Continue Reading →

Join the #TEAMAL Discord

Want to get move involved in the #TEAMAL community? Then be sure to join our #TEAMAL Discord Server! – Perks of joining Discord– Meet the #TEAMAL Community– The BEST place to be when you’re having a bad day! – Join in chats on different topics– VIP chats for Members of Twitch/Discord/Patreon– Servers for joining… Continue Reading →

34,000 Yards in 100 Shots | CH-AL-LENGE

I started out this CH-AL-LENGE contemplating taking on the 35,000yds, meaning that I’d need to average over 350 yards in 100 shots…after this, I’m so glad that I didn’t and decided on 34,000yds. However, I thought about leaving that until I’d consistently gained more distance and I’d do it LIVE on YouTube. So, here’s my… Continue Reading →


Hey Guys, I’ve had many messages on where/how it’s possible to financially assist #TEAMAL with funds going towards improving content & equipment on Twitch, YouTube and all other platforms. For me, just you guys engaging and supporting me if MORE than enough, but if you’re wanting to financially invest in me – first of all:… Continue Reading →


Tonight could me another night for the WIG! JOIN LIVE STREAM ➡️ 🌟🌟FREE MEMBERSHIP🌟🌟: A FOLLOW from you guys would be amazing + if you’re an Amazon Prime customer you get a FREE #TEAMAL Subscription on the Twitch platform (currently under construction).


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