Hey Guys,

I’ve had many messages on where/how it’s possible to financially assist #TEAMAL with funds going towards improving content & equipment on Twitch, YouTube and all other platforms.

For me, just you guys engaging and supporting me if MORE than enough, but if you’re wanting to financially invest in me – first of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Below are the different ways in which you can support me and each one offer different perks & benefits for you guys (The perks will grow with the channel & platforms).

PayPal Donations
This one is the simplest way of donating to the channel and will also become the platform for charity streams and videos.

Perks: If LIVE on Twitch, a ALERT will pop up during the stream which will read out your message (Min = $2)


Become a #TEAMAL Member on YouTube
The platform for perks based around the Golf YouTube Channel with different priced tiers available #TEAMAL Memberships which unlocks early-release videos, member-only videos, emojis, access to member-only areas, mentions on video and much more…

Perks per tier:
Tier 1 #TEAMAL Member (US$3.99) – Emojis, Loyalty Badges & Member-Only Access
Tier 2 #TEAMAL Member+ (US$14.99) – Name Mentioned in Outro & Discounts
Tier 3 #TEAMAL Investor (US$99.99) – Receive a Limited Edition Merch Pack (6 Months)


#TEAMAL on Patreon
I originally started with Patreon before the introduction of the YouTube Memberships, however, I know a few people that feel more comfortable using the Patreon interface, so I’ve reactivated this and will mirror the perks and tiers from the YouTube Membership.


#TEAMAL Merchandise
Teespring is the Official store for #TEAMAL Merchandise and includes many themed items of apparel. Not only does each purchase go towards channel funding, you also get cool gear to wear!

LINK to store

Become a #TEAMAL Twitch Sub
If you’re interested in LIVE STREAMING and Gaming then this one could be for you. Become a TWITCH SUB from $4.99 p/month (FREE with Amazon Prime) and get Twitch perks and member-only access.

Perks: Member-only Channel custom emojis, Access to Private Member-only Discord chat, priority to play on stream with me and much more…


YouTube Super Chats & Twitch Bits
Both of these are classed as channels tips and both require me to be LIVE.
YouTuber Super Chats are a way to highlight your messages during a YouTube Premiere or Live Stream and the Twitch Bits are donations during Game Live Streams and activate cool/funny alerts during the stream.

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