2,000 Subscribers – GolfBox Reviews YouTube

We’ve done it! 2,000 Subs on YouTube!

If you haven’t Subscribed you can do so here – GolfBox Reviews 

It really doesn’t sound like many Subs when you compare it to your Facebook Friends or Twitter Followers for example, but people who have a channel will know just how hard this is. 

Preparing, recording and editing a review can take the best part of a day – its a pretty long process. Then the upload is always a scary part for me, as I get a shot of anxiety when the review gets it’s first few comments to see what the Subscribers think (they’re a pretty important part of the channel). 

Reviewing is very much the same; I feel the same nerves in reviewing as I do Public Speaking and people that have recorded themselves talking will understand. However, it doesn’t stop there. Add a few Reps and the Brand Marketing Company staring at you and it’s very different again. I honestly love it though, the amount of nice comments I receive is truly remarkable.

 I have recently received a few ‘Fan Emails’ from all over the world which is really hard to believe! 

Then, the bad comments. Yep, the odd keyboard warrior will happily type a few words that could potentially ruin your day (or they hope). It happens! And so it should, it isn’t going to be perfect and that’s how I learn – when it’s constructive critism.

For those who care, I started reviewing years ago (when Crossfied started) the #reviews were cringeworthly, but I was present during this important stage. I think there were about 4 channels running at the time. Now it’s in the thousands and you really need to stand out to be noticed – so that’s why I’m very happy to be at 2,000!  

Sorry for the essay (if you like this sort of stuff let me know) 



Alex Etches – GolfBox Professional 


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